Player Inspiration
Bethel (James) 5
Corso (Cameron) 3
Draven (Hayden) 2
Elois (Yasmin) 14
Riffin (Jason) 0
Mera (Hamish) 4

Inspiration may be collected by your PC to spend for permanent bonuses. How do you gain inspiration? Simple: great roleplay, deeds of heroism or great villiany or by contributing to the creation of our campaign site. Exactly what this contribution consists in will vary. However the typical way of earning points is to keep an updated character journal.

Activity Points Earned
Create an in-character Adventure Log entry 2
Update a campaign wiki page with new information 2
Your character does something Awesome in-game (GM discretion) 1
Attendance (just show up to game) 1


Ability Benefit Point Cost
Second Chances Survive a killing blow (reduced to 0 HP instead) Burn 3
Vital Fortune Reroll HP gained at time of leveling Burn 2
Skills Training Attain +1 competence bonus to any skill Burn 2
Accomplished Gain a bonus Proficiency Burn 4
Accomplished Gain a bonus Expertise Burn 12
Skills Training Attain +1 competence bonus to any skill  
  Minus to 0 Burn 1
  +1 to +3 Burn 2
  +4 to +6 Burn 3
  +7 to +9 Burn 4
  Up to +10 Burn 5
Renaissance Man Gain a bonus Feat Burn 10
  Each subsequent feat acquired by this feature costs another 10 inspiration  
Improvement Raise ability score 1 point  
  Up to 9 Burn 2
  10 to 11 Burn 4
  12 to 14 Burn 6
  15 to 17 Burn 8
  18 to 20 Burn 10

Content from Plotus, City by the Spire 


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