Session Log 3 - Ghast Attack

Corso, you heartless bastard.

Right, same as usual. As always, if I miss something feel free to add it in.

  • The 'God' in a bottle is set free, Corso, Mera and Bethel are knocked unconscious 
  • Elois and Draven remain conscious and talk to the being 
  • Elois ends up in the same state as the others, Draven lets the being go free and is granted something
  • Everyone gets a vision about the elves with differing clarity 
  • Team head further inwards to the Trade District
  • Get stopped by the guards… guarding the bridge to the inner district
  • Rain starts pelting down, Ghasts come out of the woodwork
  • Corso distracts them by leading them to an (kinda sorry not sorry) inhabitted building
  • Get let in, get told some details about wizards and druids, also get offers for trading the elven equipment
  • Take Elois to a herbalism shop to get healed
  • Corso and Bethel go to the druid section, get given a plant that can make more food
  • Also learn some basic things about the area and the forest/ druids of the area
  • Draven finds out about a church for short people

Session end.



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