Session Log 6 - Granny Greenthumb

I'm fairly certain she's more brown than green though

I kinda like the idea of that name, although I don't want to experience that person ever again, even if I was just hovering nearby her and not actually talking. Also I wonder if her and the old lady that was hitting on Draven are related in some way. Anyway, here's what happened this week.

  • Team finds out that Dirk the barkeep is missing, and has been since the wall fell
  • Riffen is drunk and makes a fool of himself (I feel bad for Bethel)
  • The 'Wildlings' are shady as fuck, magical nonbelievers who have brought food for the town with Riffen (They don't even follow our god!)
  •  We go stash the food at Bethel's house and rest, read, and discuss what we got from the library. Some even put said newly gained knowledge to use
  • We also make a kick-ass fortification in the area and plant the magic corn (Looks like its going to become a hub for our unlocked characters)
  • The team find out some information about a wizard in the nearby area that could have some info on Dirk's whereabouts and some more information about the Wizards across in the Trade Unions
  • The team, bar Book, who is still at Bethel's house guarding the area, go find the wizard
  • The team find the wizard, or in this case, witch at an decrepit church. Granny might… have a bit of a drug problem. Okay, a lot of a problem.
  • Bethel and Elois are brought back into the church, looking for something.
  • Elois ended up stealing Granny's spellbook for her own gain
  • Bethel had to fake getting high with Granny to get out
  • The team leave the church (Aaaaaaaaaaand its safe to say that we're done with her)

Session End.



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