Session Log 4 & 5

A Two-for-One Special!

Right I am enjoying my number somethingth coffee and wanted to do something. Soooo, back with the session updates. This shouldn't take too long. 

Session 4:

  • Mera investigates the library to find out more about the elves, finds a bound half-orc in the second story of the library
  • Mera sets the orc free (Is quite handsome), the orc gets his arm broken in the process
  • She also finds some gold, another 'God' in a bottle, a Feather Knife and a ledger for some books in the restricted section of the library 
  • Mera and the half-orc, nicknamed "Book" for now, go to get his arm bound, and clothe Book
  • Everyone minus Draven meet up by nightfall and go to the local Tavern for information and potential gambling
  • General disdain of Book throughout the Tavern, everyone starts gambling
  • Mera eventually wins the game, gets another 'god', more coin, and bribes the tavern with free alcohol. Meanwhile, Book is missing.
  • The group finds out more about the wizards, and goes to catch up and find Book
  • Group catches up to the man who kidnapped Book, group rescues Book and gain a ticket for some equipment back at the main entrance
  • Group get Book back to the second level of the Library and treat his wounds, and rest for the night. 

Session End.


Session 5:

  • Team explore the Restricted section of the Library, find a weird contraption
  • Team figure out to put one of the 'god' bottles into the contraption, like a battery
  • Team talk to the creature in the bottle, gets some books from the library, particularly about the elves and lineages/houses
  • Corso gets the creatures blessing(? Unsure as to what you would call it)
  • Team leave the library, go to the market area to get some last food stocks 
  • Mera gives up her mangled shortsword and feather, Corso gives up his shield in exchange for a large amount of food
  • Mera gets her magic feather back (Lucky bitch)
  • Book cashes in the ticket and gets a Tower shield/Longsword combo
  • Everyone gathers their things and sets off to go back to Gambler's
  • They gather the cart left outside the district walls, and head back
  • Corso feels a fair amount of remorse for the people (I think they were children. I hate you guys for making them children. I feel dirty for killing off children. Dickheads.) that were killed by the Ghasts because of him as they walk by
  • Team get to the main gate and find the area crumbled inwards, have to walk to the part of the wall that they accidentally destroyed
  • They get over the makeshift rampart, and back into Gambler's
  • Mera is one Sassy woman and straight up roasts the man keeping guard (A previous relationship gone so far south)
  • Team get back to Dirk's bar to relay the good news, and discover the previous group had returned… 

Session End.

This is a lot to read I know, but hopefully it doesn't confuse anyone. If it does, let me know and I'll seperate the two for an easier to digest log.




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