Mera Journal Entry 1.

Books and the Library

Oh god im so hungry. Why else would i agree to go on such a perilous adventure like this. I think if i starve any longer i may just start to loose my mind therefore i will start writing things down so i can keep track of what has been going on. I have decided to write these journals in Orcish so that only i can read it. While these people im traveling with are growing o me i feel like there are secrets being kept and i don't completely trust them yet.


Well today was eventful to say the least. We were at the hospital getting Eloise's arm fixed when Bethel and Corso set out to discuss food with the druids and Draven wandered off to God only knows where (probably fell into a hole somewhere and got stuck). I didn't really feel like babysitting duties so i might as well make myself useful and try to learn something about the elvish house we found the gear to (who knows we might find whatever this key unlocks and I can retire from the adventuring life wealthy). So off to the library i went in search of knowledge. Lets just say disappointment was an understatement for how i was feeling when i arrived to find the place deserted and looted (i really shouldn't have been surprised this entire city has gone to shit). Figuring i may as well look around for any remaining scraps of useful information. The first thing of interest is the large barricaded door which someone has obviously tried to get through and failed (i didn't really have time for breaking into secure doors at that moment so i decided it would have to wait for another day). Just when i was about to give up and leave i heard what appeared to be footsteps coming from somewhere above me. Fortunately for me there was a large hole in the ceiling under one of the shelves and with my skillful dexterity i was able to scale the bookshelf gracefully and enter the upstairs room.


Now this was more like it. The upstairs section of the library was largely untouched. It seemed that the hole i had just climbed through was a recent addition and the looters hadn't discovered it yet. The good condition of this room wasn't nearly as surprising as the half orc chained to a desk. This was no ordinary half orc, while he was half starved it was still apparent that he could have been the most attractive half orc whoever lived. i thought the wizards had experimented on all the half orcs and turned them into those things roaming the city over the river.


I must be going soft in my hungered state because my first thought was to rescue the poor guy. So i investigated the desk which turned out to have a fake bottom in one of the drawers which gave me access to the rest of them. It contained almost 60 gold (woohoo im rich), ledgers the the books in the restricted section (interesting), a magical and very sharp pen knife (cut my hand on the stupid thing), and another of those mystical orb things (yay more trouble just what i needed), but unfortunately no keys. I pocketed all the goods (making sure not to touch the orb) and set  about freeing the orc the old fashioned way. After a few curse words, one broken arm (not mine thankfully), one broken shortsword, a failed lock picking attempt, a toppled book shelf, and a lot of effort the orc (later named Book or Booky) was freed. A quick trip to the headache inducing restricted section of booke and we were on our way to find the others. We stopped at the doctors to mend Books arm but Eloise had already departed at that point se we moved on. We finally caught up to everyone (minus Draven) at a tavern located down a small back alleyway.


Thelocals of the tavern were largely unpleasant especially the bar tender who made many derogitory comments about my new companion (oh he will regret that later). We all sat down to a game of liars dice with a few of the locals including the bartender. We were risking a lot of our gear and money so i was very focused on the game and didnt pay much attention to anything else going on in the tavern. With the help of Corso I soon removed the valuables from the locals (including another mysterios orb, Yay). To add insult to the bartender injury i decide to donate the keg of his "finest" ale to the other patrons of the tavern (wow the looks the was bartender gave me were priceless). Unfortunately while we were focused on the game Books mysteriously dissappeared. Corso and myself remained in the bar to interogate the locals (bunch of half wits the lot of them, might as well of interrogated the tables), while Bethel and Eloise went outside to search for clues. Luckily for me Bethel has a sharp eye, when i exied the tavern she informed me of a shadowy figure down a side alley drgging something heavy. I persued the figure with Bethel close behind me (Eloise went back into the tavern to inform Corso what we were doing). The shadowy figure did turn out to be a man who was dragging Books towards the river. After a brief discussion with him (Notable information: he said the wizards experimentation was only affecting the half orcs at first so it may be affecting other races; Whatever has been done may be contagious or airborne, the man seemed to think Books could turn at any moment but if it is why hasnt he turned so far?) Eloise did some badass sneaky ninja shit and backhanded the man into the next life (remind me not to piss her off).


That was about as much exitement as i could handle for the day so we retreated back to the library's upstairs room for safety. I showed everyone the orb we received from gambling, however decided to keep the other one a secret for the time being. I think our next course of action should be to return to Gamblers and inform them what we have discovered.



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