• Adan


    A reserved half elf that knows the woods but not people
  • Arlen Ilmarë

    Arlen Ilmarë

    Skin like ash, hair white as bone; the adopted son of House Ilmarë is a formidable member of the upper nobility
  • Carlos Valgard

    Carlos Valgard

    Apprentice of the Witch
  • Dirk Malster

    Dirk Malster

    A barkeep that's all teeth
  • Edwin Delavari

    Edwin Delavari

    Possessed middle child of the Delavari family
  • Gypsy Honeysilk

    Gypsy Honeysilk

    Impulsive Sweet-Talker
  • Jacoby


    A sly man that knows the streets both in and outside the sheets
  • Johan "Gojo" Nyyv

    Johan "Gojo" Nyyv

    "The only thing bright about Gojo is his smile" - Mother
  • Kalēe Delavari

    Kalēe Delavari

    The youngest sister of the Delavari siblings in Gambler's
  • Leony


    A brute, a thug - You'll want him in a fight, just hopefully on your side
  • Lucile


    A perfumed charlatan that prefers the coin to sweet nothings
  • Nala Solsvar

    Nala Solsvar

    Antagonist wild elf leader
  • Rasmus Eld (Deceased)

    Rasmus Eld (Deceased)

    An arcane researcher with the Trade Union Wizardry Guild
  • Rohan Delavari

    Rohan Delavari

    Oldest brother of the family rescued by Riffin
  • Scarlet "Loose" Wahine

    Scarlet "Loose" Wahine

    A loose woman that works the Trade Unions
  • Sylvia


    A beauty in a portrait
  • The Hallowed Man

    The Hallowed Man

    Not all of the fae are friendly
  • Thea "Witch" Hazel

    Thea "Witch" Hazel

    A hedge witch with a nasty nicotene habit
  • Tobias


    A belligerent preacher with a racist streak