Draven explains his rough night

So instead of writing I've decided to try and improve my photoshop and drawing skills, using this campaign to give me ideas. You saw my first masterpiece with Bethel and Nava and I think I'm starting to show improvement with this second one.

This picture is to show the reactions Draven saw while he was explaining his night. Front – Back, Left – Right

Draven – Not really understanding why everyone seems so on edge, hes the one that was just kidnapped and hes fine.

Riffin -  More interested in getting the party moving, getting the kids to safety and trying not to waste time with night approaching.

Golem/w possessed Child – Sorry James I didn't know what your golem looked liked and instead of using a more traditional golem I saw this guy and had to use him.

Bethel – Showing concern to Riffins and hers newly adopted child (That's what happened right? Feel free to correct me but this is what Draven sees.) 

Mera – Looking confused but trying to understand what Draven is saying. Also with Mera getting her arm back, I had to take something from her so I took half her haircut.

Book – Looking a bit blank, still feels more comfortable on the "outside" of the group, standing protective over Elois.

Elois - The joyful Elois that Draven got along with seems to have been replaced with someone with more anger. + Books

Corso -  Confused with Dravens story, he's looking at Riffin and agreeing that they should move but wondering where.

Horse – Horse?


Mera Journal Entry 2.
mini story

Well today has been eventful from the moment i woke up. I woke up to the sight of Riffin in my face and felt my left arm lash out at him with huge sharp nails (what the shit, i didn't have a left arm before i was knocked out). It took me a moment to gather my bearings and realise I was back in the church where that very "pleasant" witch woman was living. turns out I had been knocked out and the spirit i had been carrying around had taken up residence inside me )at least it had the courtesy to grow me a new are , even if it is a grotesque one).

We were all there in the church with a couple of other survivors of what apparently had been some devastating battles in the district with those evi creatures. One of the survivors, a woman, made a break for a secret exit under the witch woman's bed. I wanted some answers as to what was going on so I pursued her. Elois was right behind me and Draven not too far behind. The secret passage led down a steep tunnel which made for a difficult chase. To make matters worse my new arm decided to attack Elois and pushed her out of my way multiple times. I managed to catch up to the fleeing woman near the edge of a long drop sown into who knows where. Upon questioning she was babbling about how the wizards made her do it and that she needed to get down to the lower docks (i guess that's where the drop goes to). Before the others had managed to catch up she slipped from my grip down into the dark abyss. 


Fuck that shit, there was no way i was jumping down after her, besides i had a new problem to deal with anyway (demon arm not entirely under my control in case you had forgotten about that). So back up to the church we went only to find that Corso and Riffen had already left for some purpose unknown to me. While the others were distracted by the witch's possessions I slipped out in the hope of making my way back to the library to learn about this arm. Luckily for me none of the other are very observant and i got out completely unnoticed. Soon after leaving the others i started to hear the voice of the spirit. A brief struggle for control ensued in which we decided i was superior and should be left in charge.


This new are was unbelievable. I was throwing myself from building to building with ease and making great time through the district. It soon became apparent that this district was deserted, there wasn't a single sign of life, that is until i got close to the tavern. From a vantage point atop a nearby building I could see prisoners and one of those creatures inside the tavern. i still don't know why I did it. It was such a terrible idea but I went to investigate what was going on. I sneaked in through a back window i had a good view of what was happening from the  mezzanine floor. It wasn't good. The evil creature had over a dozen people line up against the wall held by a tendrill of black goo. As i watched one of the prisoners was taked from the wall and infected with the goop. I briefly debated with myself about whether i had time to go for back up but unfortuately i did not. I couldnt let these people be infected, I had to do something.


The first step of my rescue attempt was clear some of the blocked windows of the tavern. Turns out this was a great idea as the creature hated the sunlight that was now streaming into the tavern. The second it had been distracted I attempted to free the prisoners (by this point there were 12 uninfected prisoners left). The next step in my rescue attempt was not so good. I attempted to cut though the black tendril holding the prisoners with my new arm. Not only did i fail to cut through it but instead found myself stuck as well. That's when i heard thousands of screaming voices coming from the tendril as well as desperate pleas from the spirit in my own arm. Fortunately for me my sword proved much better at cutting through it. My initial attempt managed to free 9/12 of the prisoners (including dirk the bartender). I threw open the door and urged them to flee to the church where i hoped the others still were.


Just because i am a sucker for punishment i returned to free the last three prisoners. I broke open some more windows and letting more sunlight into the tavern. The sunlight freed the prisoners (yay) but also sent the creature into a frenzied rampage (shit). It flailed wildly, destroying the stair back up to my initial entry point and also sent its' infected captives to block the front door (double shit). The three prisoner split up to try and escape. One managed to climb out a window, a small child escaped into the kitchen in the back, but the old man was unfortunately snared by the creature. I attempted to follow the kid but was pinned to the wall through my new arm (which was rapidly loosing strength at this point). As a last itch attempt to free myself i swung at whatever appendage the creature was using to pin me to the wall. Almost blinded by pain I stumbled into the kitchen. Barely noticing the treasure trove that had been stored here, I grabbed the nearest thing (this later turned out to be a bag of cheese) and stumbled out with the help of the kid. I dont know how we managed to get away after that but eventually we ran into Riffin who was retuning from wherever he had been. atthe church I collapsed with pain and exaustion. Eleven out of twelve was better than anyone could of expected, I told myself knowing that the cries of help from the old man left behind would be haunting whatever sleep i managed to get that night.




Session Log 6 - Granny Greenthumb
I'm fairly certain she's more brown than green though

I kinda like the idea of that name, although I don't want to experience that person ever again, even if I was just hovering nearby her and not actually talking. Also I wonder if her and the old lady that was hitting on Draven are related in some way. Anyway, here's what happened this week.

  • Team finds out that Dirk the barkeep is missing, and has been since the wall fell
  • Riffen is drunk and makes a fool of himself (I feel bad for Bethel)
  • The 'Wildlings' are shady as fuck, magical nonbelievers who have brought food for the town with Riffen (They don't even follow our god!)
  •  We go stash the food at Bethel's house and rest, read, and discuss what we got from the library. Some even put said newly gained knowledge to use
  • We also make a kick-ass fortification in the area and plant the magic corn (Looks like its going to become a hub for our unlocked characters)
  • The team find out some information about a wizard in the nearby area that could have some info on Dirk's whereabouts and some more information about the Wizards across in the Trade Unions
  • The team, bar Book, who is still at Bethel's house guarding the area, go find the wizard
  • The team find the wizard, or in this case, witch at an decrepit church. Granny might… have a bit of a drug problem. Okay, a lot of a problem.
  • Bethel and Elois are brought back into the church, looking for something.
  • Elois ended up stealing Granny's spellbook for her own gain
  • Bethel had to fake getting high with Granny to get out
  • The team leave the church (Aaaaaaaaaaand its safe to say that we're done with her)

Session End.

Session Log 4 & 5
A Two-for-One Special!

Right I am enjoying my number somethingth coffee and wanted to do something. Soooo, back with the session updates. This shouldn't take too long. 

Session 4:

  • Mera investigates the library to find out more about the elves, finds a bound half-orc in the second story of the library
  • Mera sets the orc free (Is quite handsome), the orc gets his arm broken in the process
  • She also finds some gold, another 'God' in a bottle, a Feather Knife and a ledger for some books in the restricted section of the library 
  • Mera and the half-orc, nicknamed "Book" for now, go to get his arm bound, and clothe Book
  • Everyone minus Draven meet up by nightfall and go to the local Tavern for information and potential gambling
  • General disdain of Book throughout the Tavern, everyone starts gambling
  • Mera eventually wins the game, gets another 'god', more coin, and bribes the tavern with free alcohol. Meanwhile, Book is missing.
  • The group finds out more about the wizards, and goes to catch up and find Book
  • Group catches up to the man who kidnapped Book, group rescues Book and gain a ticket for some equipment back at the main entrance
  • Group get Book back to the second level of the Library and treat his wounds, and rest for the night. 

Session End.


Session 5:

  • Team explore the Restricted section of the Library, find a weird contraption
  • Team figure out to put one of the 'god' bottles into the contraption, like a battery
  • Team talk to the creature in the bottle, gets some books from the library, particularly about the elves and lineages/houses
  • Corso gets the creatures blessing(? Unsure as to what you would call it)
  • Team leave the library, go to the market area to get some last food stocks 
  • Mera gives up her mangled shortsword and feather, Corso gives up his shield in exchange for a large amount of food
  • Mera gets her magic feather back (Lucky bitch)
  • Book cashes in the ticket and gets a Tower shield/Longsword combo
  • Everyone gathers their things and sets off to go back to Gambler's
  • They gather the cart left outside the district walls, and head back
  • Corso feels a fair amount of remorse for the people (I think they were children. I hate you guys for making them children. I feel dirty for killing off children. Dickheads.) that were killed by the Ghasts because of him as they walk by
  • Team get to the main gate and find the area crumbled inwards, have to walk to the part of the wall that they accidentally destroyed
  • They get over the makeshift rampart, and back into Gambler's
  • Mera is one Sassy woman and straight up roasts the man keeping guard (A previous relationship gone so far south)
  • Team get back to Dirk's bar to relay the good news, and discover the previous group had returned… 

Session End.

This is a lot to read I know, but hopefully it doesn't confuse anyone. If it does, let me know and I'll seperate the two for an easier to digest log.


Mera Journal Entry 1.
Books and the Library

Oh god im so hungry. Why else would i agree to go on such a perilous adventure like this. I think if i starve any longer i may just start to loose my mind therefore i will start writing things down so i can keep track of what has been going on. I have decided to write these journals in Orcish so that only i can read it. While these people im traveling with are growing o me i feel like there are secrets being kept and i don't completely trust them yet.


Well today was eventful to say the least. We were at the hospital getting Eloise's arm fixed when Bethel and Corso set out to discuss food with the druids and Draven wandered off to God only knows where (probably fell into a hole somewhere and got stuck). I didn't really feel like babysitting duties so i might as well make myself useful and try to learn something about the elvish house we found the gear to (who knows we might find whatever this key unlocks and I can retire from the adventuring life wealthy). So off to the library i went in search of knowledge. Lets just say disappointment was an understatement for how i was feeling when i arrived to find the place deserted and looted (i really shouldn't have been surprised this entire city has gone to shit). Figuring i may as well look around for any remaining scraps of useful information. The first thing of interest is the large barricaded door which someone has obviously tried to get through and failed (i didn't really have time for breaking into secure doors at that moment so i decided it would have to wait for another day). Just when i was about to give up and leave i heard what appeared to be footsteps coming from somewhere above me. Fortunately for me there was a large hole in the ceiling under one of the shelves and with my skillful dexterity i was able to scale the bookshelf gracefully and enter the upstairs room.


Now this was more like it. The upstairs section of the library was largely untouched. It seemed that the hole i had just climbed through was a recent addition and the looters hadn't discovered it yet. The good condition of this room wasn't nearly as surprising as the half orc chained to a desk. This was no ordinary half orc, while he was half starved it was still apparent that he could have been the most attractive half orc whoever lived. i thought the wizards had experimented on all the half orcs and turned them into those things roaming the city over the river.


I must be going soft in my hungered state because my first thought was to rescue the poor guy. So i investigated the desk which turned out to have a fake bottom in one of the drawers which gave me access to the rest of them. It contained almost 60 gold (woohoo im rich), ledgers the the books in the restricted section (interesting), a magical and very sharp pen knife (cut my hand on the stupid thing), and another of those mystical orb things (yay more trouble just what i needed), but unfortunately no keys. I pocketed all the goods (making sure not to touch the orb) and set  about freeing the orc the old fashioned way. After a few curse words, one broken arm (not mine thankfully), one broken shortsword, a failed lock picking attempt, a toppled book shelf, and a lot of effort the orc (later named Book or Booky) was freed. A quick trip to the headache inducing restricted section of booke and we were on our way to find the others. We stopped at the doctors to mend Books arm but Eloise had already departed at that point se we moved on. We finally caught up to everyone (minus Draven) at a tavern located down a small back alleyway.


Thelocals of the tavern were largely unpleasant especially the bar tender who made many derogitory comments about my new companion (oh he will regret that later). We all sat down to a game of liars dice with a few of the locals including the bartender. We were risking a lot of our gear and money so i was very focused on the game and didnt pay much attention to anything else going on in the tavern. With the help of Corso I soon removed the valuables from the locals (including another mysterios orb, Yay). To add insult to the bartender injury i decide to donate the keg of his "finest" ale to the other patrons of the tavern (wow the looks the was bartender gave me were priceless). Unfortunately while we were focused on the game Books mysteriously dissappeared. Corso and myself remained in the bar to interogate the locals (bunch of half wits the lot of them, might as well of interrogated the tables), while Bethel and Eloise went outside to search for clues. Luckily for me Bethel has a sharp eye, when i exied the tavern she informed me of a shadowy figure down a side alley drgging something heavy. I persued the figure with Bethel close behind me (Eloise went back into the tavern to inform Corso what we were doing). The shadowy figure did turn out to be a man who was dragging Books towards the river. After a brief discussion with him (Notable information: he said the wizards experimentation was only affecting the half orcs at first so it may be affecting other races; Whatever has been done may be contagious or airborne, the man seemed to think Books could turn at any moment but if it is why hasnt he turned so far?) Eloise did some badass sneaky ninja shit and backhanded the man into the next life (remind me not to piss her off).


That was about as much exitement as i could handle for the day so we retreated back to the library's upstairs room for safety. I showed everyone the orb we received from gambling, however decided to keep the other one a secret for the time being. I think our next course of action should be to return to Gamblers and inform them what we have discovered.

Bethel's Diary: Entry Four
So... I had a breakdown

This Diary, is the part where things start to fall apart around me. Imagine a pot left over a fire, slowly boiling over till it explodes. That was me.

After leaving the Druids, we met with Mera and Elois in the library where she had been finding more information about the wizard situation in the city. Turns out, she met with Jacoby, one of the people from town who went out with the B-Team and never returned.

He took us back to their hideout where the they were apparently taking care of hungry orphan children. Entering, there was the strong smell of cooked sausage. Below us are a bunch of kids and familiar faced adults. 

Riffin and Leony were there around the firepit. Tobias was still alive, somehow (he is really old). Adan was in a corner by their self as I remember them doing and Lucile was asleep. Leony offered us sausages to us, Mera and Corso could not control themselves so they ate some. If Elois was felling better I am sure she would have had some too. As a vegetarian, I did not take a sausage.

They asked why we were here and we told them that we had been sent out to collect food for the town just like they had been sent to do, and never returned. Jacoby explained that this was because they found the starving children and decided to stay here and help them. We discussed the town for a bit and weather we could bring them back to the trade district, as well as the fall of the wall that totally wasn't our fault.

While they were gone I again asked why they did not at least come back to the town to tell them what had happened, I was confused by their motives. Jacoby again explains that it was to protect and save the starving children, which I can understand. But they did not even send word back to the town. I tried to explain that there were starving children AND adults back at the town, as well as their families. But Jacoby though these children were more important. Then Leony had to open his fat mouth and say they were adults, they could find their own food. And I lost it. I yelled at everyone. " That's what you were sent to fucking do though. Collect food for the town. That was YOUR fucking job." Then I called them selfish fucking idiots for good measure. 

Then Jacoby slapped me. Corso gut punched Jacoby for me, Leony tried to protect Jacoby, but Corso just picked him up and put him held him over the fire. Riffin smashed a bottle on the table and threatened Corso if he did not put Leony down. Corso kicked him away as Mera steps in to try and carm Corso down. 

I go and sit in a corner with a candle near Adan to try and calm myself down a bit. 

Riffin and Tobias goes off with some children to save people with from the broken wall. They intend to be back before nightfall. Meanwhile, there is a big hullabaloo about where the meat from the sausages came from. I heard Mera trying to explain to Jacoby that they were eating people. Jacoby denies this, and Leony claims he does not know where the meat comes from (despite being the butcher and the cook.)

They checked the meat storage and found a persons leg (complete with fishnets and stiletto). Jacoby was skeptical, so they asked the children who confirmed the theory. They confronted Riffin and Tobias when they got back and stuff happened. Then we left.   

Session Log 3 - Ghast Attack
Corso, you heartless bastard.

Right, same as usual. As always, if I miss something feel free to add it in.

  • The 'God' in a bottle is set free, Corso, Mera and Bethel are knocked unconscious 
  • Elois and Draven remain conscious and talk to the being 
  • Elois ends up in the same state as the others, Draven lets the being go free and is granted something
  • Everyone gets a vision about the elves with differing clarity 
  • Team head further inwards to the Trade District
  • Get stopped by the guards… guarding the bridge to the inner district
  • Rain starts pelting down, Ghasts come out of the woodwork
  • Corso distracts them by leading them to an (kinda sorry not sorry) inhabitted building
  • Get let in, get told some details about wizards and druids, also get offers for trading the elven equipment
  • Take Elois to a herbalism shop to get healed
  • Corso and Bethel go to the druid section, get given a plant that can make more food
  • Also learn some basic things about the area and the forest/ druids of the area
  • Draven finds out about a church for short people

Session end.

Bethel's Diary: Entry Three
The Trade District

So, Diary, not in the best place at the moment. A lot of stuff has been discovered since my last entry. I am writing this to both get the information written down somewhere AND to try and relieve some of the stress and anger I am feeling right now.

So since last time, the god was released from the orb and immediately I fell asleep and had a weird cheese dream, surprisingly, so did Corso. Elois and Draven tried to calm the thing down (supposedly) but it escaped (or Draven let it go). Mera and Elois said they dreamt about some dwarven city, Draven seemed to know what they were taking about. Probably should keep note of this.

After gathering our stuff we head towards the trade district. At this point I was feeling much more sarcastic and bitter than usual. I guess this adventuring is getting to me… I need to re-evaluate things.

As we get to the closed drawbridge that leads to the trade district, we notice what I thought were bandits hiding behind some boxes. At the same time, it started to cloud over and become very dark. We talk to what we found out to be guards guarding the drawbridge, and they seem very reluctant to allow us into the trade district. That is until the tall creatures start to slink out of the houses not that it is dark and pouring with rain. Looking upon then, they did not appear to have eyes, so they likely rely on hearing and smell to find their prey. As protection, I jumped into a cart of rotten cabbages to mask my smell.

Corso went for the opposite approach and decided to throw a brick into the window of a house FILLED WITH PEOPLE. Needless to say, the things were distracted and the people in the house are likely dead. Idiot. He claims to be smart. I think otherwise.

As the drawbridge came down we all scrabbled across away from the beasts. Entering the trade district, my party handed all their weapons over willingly and almost crushed a man with them. I keep my knives hidden in my bag. We also keep getting looks for the expensive looking equipment we found. A historian said the crest was of a rich monarch family or something, someone even offered to take my rapier off me in exchange for food. It sounded like an unfair trade to me.  They also would not discuss the family any further. Must ask about this somewhere else.

Our first port of call was the doctors to fix up Elois' arm. We did not have anything to trade so we were given a kind, not well trained doctor. We can only hope for the best. 

Corso wanted to go and visit the druids in the big farmland that they have created in the middle of the trade district. I followed along just in case I can get some herbs for my kit. I was surprised when Corso stopped one and began talking in to him in Druidic, I was also unaware his family was druids. The more you know I guess. 

While inside the druid did some sort of nature and gave us a magic corn plant. We also gathered some information about a fued that went on between the wizards and the Druid that basically forced the druids out of the forests around the city.

Session 2 Log - Oculiscient

I figured that mashing two words together makes things more interesting. An seemingly omniscient god thing (Is it a god or more like a demi-god? I wasn't paying close enough attention) that looks through a glass pane would be worth jamming two words together. 

Anyway, a list of things that transpired;

  • The rampart that we were perched on was starting to cave
  • Corso and Bethel jumped to a nearby roof, landed quite gracefully
  • The other three were trying to open the door to the inner wall and climb downstairs(? Someone else might need to fill in here)
  • Bethel ends up mildly concussing herself after falling down from a rooftop 
  • Elois found her arm crushed by a falling bit of debris
  • Corso manages to carry Bethel to a flowing river of an stormwater drain
  • (Something happened here. Elois ended up in the river too, not sure why. The other two make it down as well)
  • Corso went and rescued a newly crippled Elois with Bethel's help, found something underwater
  • (I'm trying not to just sing praises of Corso, I swear)
  • Corso and Mera manage to salvage some equipment from underwater
  • Bethel treats everyone with her remaining herbs
  • Elois needs to have her arm reset, splinted and treated immediately
  • The team go into an abandoned building to hold up for the night, with Draven and Mera carrying the salvaged equipment while Corso and Bethel go to treat Elois
  • A creature of some kind is outside, lingering nearby (I think it was a Ghast, can't remember)
  • Equipment gets divvied out, with an magical orb being the center of attention to Bethel and Elois
  • Orb is discovered to be containing… something.
  • Everyone is alerted to its presence
  • Bethel has a nice conversation with the… thing.. that spent longer than 30 seconds talking to her
  • Night turns to day, some food is found, enough to sustain everyone for another day
  • Mera frees the thing from the orb by smashing it.

End session.

I hope this is everything, if something else happened please mention it

Bethel's Diary: Entry Two
I'm friends with a god thing... We are all doomed

Dear Diary

There was no time to heal the party. The entire building exploded and I could feel the bridge we are on collapsing. So Corso and I did the only sensible thing to do in this to do in this situation. We jumped the edge to our doom. 

Luckily, both Corso and I are amazing and make a perfect landing, gracefully posing and staring at the cloud and explosions in the distance. Unluckily, trying to jump to the terrace below, I missed, hooked my foot on the terrace and knocked my head on the wall. The last thing I see before passing out is the blackening sky above.

I awoke to deafening explosions ringing in my ears, and my heart trying to beat out of my chest. Half conscious I try to make my way to safety. But Corso, the seemingly undamagable god that he is, picked me up and leaped into a river that leads through the town.

We make out way out of the river and care to some of our wounds, before another figure plunges into the river, which I recognize to be Elois. Corso and I help her out of the river, noting that her arm is severely damaged, and she is in very bad shape. Corso and I splint her broken arm and tend to her other wounds and while Draven and Mera attempt to get a chest of armor off the bottom of the lake. 

We made our way to an abandoned apartment to settle in for the night. We light a fire to keep the warmth at bay and set watches for the night, before divvying out the chest of loot. I asked for the Rapier since I am not really strong enough to use heavy bludgeoning weapons, and also question the magic glowing orb.

Elois says it talks to her. I question why it was in a chest of knights armor, at the bottom of a river, in a deserted district? Who left it there? Why was it left there? Does this mean it is dangerous or forgotten? If it it talks it must surely not be good, whatever it is? I ponder these questions now as I sit here, on my watch, wondering if I should try talking to it. What's the worst that could happen?

I spent some time looking at my amulet, it appears to have the picture of a beautiful elf on it, and the an engraved letter 'S'. What's more interesting is that there is a catch that changes the picture to something more… milky…. empty… cloudy. I am currently unsure what this means, I decided to wear it regardless.

This is the point where I am going to end it Diary, I am now going to talk to this… thing inside the orb, and hope to find some valuable information, and hope that it does not kill me. 



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